Homeowners are reminded to shut off the hose bib by November when the temperatures are beginning to reach close to zero at night.

Our company focus on U and Ur properties. Owning rental properties could be a headache sometimes if with wrong tenant or require many maintenance or repair. Let us take over the hard work while you relax and have a peace of mind that the rent will be in your bank account on time and hassle free. Your property under our management will surely be a successful investment with long term stable cash flow. Our extended service catalog has to offer pretty much anything related to your property. Our mission is: maximize return and minimize hassles for owners and while providing outstanding quality services to tenants.

Maximizing Return for Landlords

We believe in personal referrals! It is the best way to grow our business. We always take care of our clients’ interests first and consequently, most of our new clients come to us by referrals. Many of our clients are international investors and have been with us for years, since we provide hassle-free service. We have the expertise to cover every details of managing rental properties on the landlord’s behalf. We deliver personal and high quality service at a competitive price!

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High Quality Homes for Tenants

Great tenants are always appreciated by us and we cannot be successful without your cooperation. Great tenants choose us because we provide high quality homes and services. Whether you are new to the city or just looking for a change, we will help you find the home you are searching for. We will be there for you from the day of move-in and continue to provide friendly and timely service afterwards.

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