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Managing your investment property can be a headache sometimes: bounced cheque? don’t speak much English? late night emergency phone calls? appliances breaks? spent time looking for good handyman? lease agreement not properly drafted? time spent on calculating expense and income? bully tenants? and so much more.....

RELAX!!!we have the experiences and connections to solve virtually any issue owners may encounter, allowing you to maximize the return worry-free.

Below is an outline of our services:

1. LEASING (securing quality tenants)

  • Evaluation of the current market rental rate;
  • Advertising;
  • Screening of potential tenants before showing the property;
  • Taking detailed applications;
  • Checking ALL references (i.e. current landlord, credit, employment);
  • Preparing the lease;
  • Collecting deposits;
  • Arranging for move-in time with building management (if applicable);
  • Conducting a move-in inspection with the tenants;
  • Providing the owner with copies of the application, credit report, lease and move-in report which all will be posted under our website client portal.

2. MANAGEMENT (managing the property on your behalf)

  • landlords-3 Handling all tenants inquiries; ;
  • Protecting both landlord's interest by following the Ontario Tenancy Act
  • Collecting rent and depositing rent;
  • Arranging for any repairs/maintenance;
  • Providing payment of any repairs authorized by the owner;;
  • Delivering varies notices to tenant;
  • Preparing statement of receipts and disbursements;
  • Depositing the net rental proceeds to the bank account of your choice;
  • Providing yearly income statement to owner
  • Inspect the property regularly and provide inspection reports under client portal;
  • Conducting move-out inspections with the tenants and post under client portal.

3. Extra services:

  • Rental income tax filing including foreign investor monthly contribution; ;
  • Facilitating eviction of non-complying tenant; ;
  • Furnishing services; ;
  • Miscellaneous services
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